Vinyl Tile

StaticSmart conductive vinyl tile is an ideal choice for facilities managers looking for permanent static protection, durability, performance, and outstanding value. StaticSmart Summit Series conductive tile is carefully tested in a multiple-step process during manufacturing for electrical performance, size and color consistency as part of our ISO 9000 quality program. Unlike other ESD vinyl manufacturers, we do not rely on “precision milling” to correct manufacturing defects in size and dimensional stability. All StaticSmart Summit Series vinyl tiles are manufactured to specifications and cut to size. Tiles not meeting specs are rejected immediately.

Summit Series Vinyl Tiles

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Tired of Paying More and Getting Less? We Can Help!

StaticSmart™ Summit Series Premium Vinyl Tile Flooring has been in use throughout North America and Across the Globe since 2006. Here are a few of the reasons thousands of companies have chosen it over the other brands.

No Wax required

Floorscore Certified

8 stock colors

Permanent Protection

Large Inventory

2,500 PSI

Competitive Pricing

Lifetime Warranty

How it works

StaticSmart vinyl tile is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality, the standard for hard surface flooring
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