Any flooring company can provide static control flooring, but we at StaticSmart ™ strive to provide much more than just flooring. We strive to understand the full range of flooring applications our clients encounter in today’s technology-rich work environment. As we have for forty years, we take the time to understand the science of static electricity and how it impacts the industry standards to which our clients are held. We have in-depth technical knowledge of our products as well as those of our competitors. We understand installation requirements and all that it takes to do a job well. Above all, we care about our clients and want to help them make the right choice in static control flooring.

At StaticSmart™ we’ve got the people and the products to help our clients make the right choice. That’s the StaticSmart™ difference

So, what is the StaticSmartTM Difference ?

Proud members of NENA, APCO, ESDA, and IFMA

Lifetime Static Warranty

3 Levels of Static Control

Permanent Static Protection

ESDA Trained

Large Inventory

Custom Capabilities

Experienced Staff

No Wax Required Products

High Reliability

Custom Capabilities

Experienced Staff

Floorscore Certified

CRI Green Label Plus

Conductive EcoWorx™ Backing System

Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014

Exceeds All Industry Standards for Static Control

Incorporated in 1976

The StaticSmart™ Protection

Discover the most reliable, high performance static control flooring available. Learn how StaticSmart™ is the most specified brand on the market

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