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Shaw Contract Flooring Partnership With StaticSmart

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Shaw Contract ESD Flooring

Shaw Contract Flooring

StaticSmart by Julie Industries recently celebrated an 18-year anniversary with Shaw Contract providing static control flooring solutions across the globe.

Shaw Contract, a subsidiary of Shaw Industries, is the world’s leading flooring manufacturer of static control flooring. Headquartered in Dalton, Ga., Shaw Industries has nearly $5 billion in annual sales and approximately 29,000 associates.

With our industry expertise and Shaw Contract’s extensive flooring manufacturing capabilities, our partnership allows us to offer the best in class static control flooring products.

Our anti-static flooring products help architects, interior commercial designers, and flooring contractors use ESD flooring on their projects. Some of the industries that we work with include electronics manufacturing, public safety, healthcare, education, and many more.

Julie Industries’ StaticSmart™ flooring brand is the industry’s broadest static control product offering of sustainable carpet tile and resilient flooring. Performance options include low kV, anti-static, static dissipative, and conductive. StaticSmart™ flooring meets or exceeds all relevant industry standards for static control protection.

“These past 19 years partnering with Shaw Industries have been incredibly satisfying and productive. Our collaboration has yielded the industry’s best static control product offering and some amazing friendships. Shaw is a great company with exceptional people .”

– Jerry Giuliano, President of StaticSmart™

If you have questions about the StaticSmart™ and Shaw Contract’s partnership or specifying static control flooring – feel free to contact a StaticSmart™ representative at 800-225-6052 or email [email protected].

If you are an architect working on a proposal, request a sample from us or click here if you are a flooring contractor looking to receive a flooring estimate.


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