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Raised Access Flooring

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Raised Access Flooring Contractors

Although there are many choices for access flooring finishes, no other brand of carpet tile flooring offers you more selection, static control & benefits than StaticSmart ESD carpet tile as your raised access flooring contractor.

Raised access flooring is increasingly becoming an integral part of today’s modern facilities. By incorporating raised access flooring in a building’s design, power can be placed under the floors, rather than in walls and furniture. This speeds up installation times, makes for quick power moves, and lowers moving costs. Access floors also improve airflow with underfloor air and making temperature control more manageable.

Because there is no carpet tile product currently on the market that is ideal for every application, it is important to be careful when specifying static control carpet tile.

StaticSmart carpet tile is offered in three levels of static control protection, ensuring that you aren’t paying more for static protection than is necessary for your project. Our static control specialists will work with you to select the appropriate level of static protection matched specifically to your application.

StaticSmart carpet tile can be applied to raised access flooring with the following methods: 

— Release Adhesive 

— Permanently Laminated Tile 

LokDots Adhesive System and Peel & Bond

PosiTile Access Flooring Installation

Access Flooring Installation

StaticSmart carpet tile is the ideal access flooring installation choice, or for renewing the appearance of old or existing access floors, as it can be installed easily over most existing flooring systems. Our carpet tile offers superior static control to vinyl or laminates and works on ALL types of access floors: Stringer and stringerless, bolted and gravity held, with or without existing panel covering (high-pressure laminate, VCT, carpet, paint, etc.) Installing carpet tile on access floors can be accomplished using several methods, all of which are available options with StaticSmart ESD carpet tile. 

Gaining access to the underfloor is easy with StaticSmart ESD Carpet tile: whether it’s Peel & Bond, PosiTile, LokDots Adhesive System, or using our patented CompuRelease conductive releasable clear adhesive, simply lift out the carpet tiles over the area and remove the access floor panel. The carpet tile re-installs over the panels without the need for additional adhesive. Panels with laminated StaticSmart carpet tiles lift right out with a panel lifter tool!

— Permanent Performance

Level 2 and Level 3 Styles meet ANSI/ESD S20.20, Motorola R56, FAA-STD-019e 

— Wide Selection of Pattern and Color Choices

— Choose Your anti-static flooring Level of Protection

— Choice of Access Flooring Installation Methods

Lifetime Warranty

Raised Access Flooring

StaticSmart carpet tile is the ideal raised access flooring choice for E911 and public safety facilities.

If you have questions about access floor covering options, or specifying static control flooring – feel free to contact a StaticSmart representative here.

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