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National Static Electricity Day

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National Static Electricity Day

National Static Electricity Day

January 9th is national static electricity day and StaticSmart®️ by Julie Industries, Inc. is proud to celebrate! Since 1976 we’ve been helping Architects, Designers, Flooring Contractors, and End Users solve problems caused by static electricity.

Here are 9 fast facts about static electricity: 

  1. Simple movements like sliding out of a chair, or walking across a floor, can produce enough static electricity to damage electronic equipment.
  2. Most static is discharged through the hands. 
  3. An electrostatic discharge as low as 10 volts can be enough to cause damage or loss of data in sophisticated electronic equipment and devices.
  4. Laser printers in an office use static to attract the ink or toner to the paper.
  5. The static discharges as soon as the person comes in contact with another object, like a computer keyboard, that is capable of accepting this charge.
  6. A kV rating indicates how much static electricity could be generated by walking on a specific floor covering.
  7. The electrical resistance of a floor covering is measured in Ohms, and indicates how quickly and completely an existing static electric charge can be safely removed to a ground point.
  8. Knowing a floor covering’s electrical resistance is the ONLY way to determine how quickly and completely an existing electrostatic charge on a person can be eliminated or dissipated to ground. Lower resistance means faster electrostatic charge elimination.
  9. Most people cannot detect an electrostatic discharge until it has reached a minimum of 3,500 volts.

At StaticSmart, our ESD Flooring is meant for government facilities, electronics manufacturers, commercial offices, broadcast studios, public safety facilities, and mission-critical utilities. 

 Protect yourself and your business from damage caused by ESD by purchasing a properly grounded static control floor from StaticSmart. 

If you have questions about specifying static control flooring – feel free to contact a StaticSmart representative at 800-225-6052 or email [email protected].

If you are an architect working on a proposal, request a sample from us or click here if you are a contractor looking to receive a flooring estimate.


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