ESD Vinyl Tile

Static Dissipative Tile, Summit Series

Resilient Flooring

 StaticSmart® ESD Vinyl Tile Summit Series is ANSI/ESD S20.20 compliant, Motorola R56 Compliant, and  FloorScore® Certified.  Manufactured using the highest quality materials available today, this Resilient Flooring offers level three anti-static flooring protection – the highest level of static control protection available in the industry. The Summit Series vinyl tile is offered in eight attractive colors. Our static dissipative tile meets or exceeds the most stringent static control standards in all industries and applications. This type of Conductive Flooring has a kV Rating of <0.4 kV and a lifetime static control warranty. Static load limit of 2,500 psi. Built-in finish that doesn’t require waxing.  The Summit Series Vinyl Tile requires the flooring to be grounded grounding and can be installed using our  SDT+ Conductive Adhesive.

esd vinyl tile summit series
FloorScore® Certified
FloorScore® Certified
Motorola R56 Compliant
ATIS-0600321 Compliant
Lifetime Static Protection

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