ESD Rubber Tile Flooring

Northland Series

StaticSmart® Rubber Flooring

StaticSmart® ESD Rubber Tile Flooring is FloorScore® certified and ideal for Labs, Electronics Manufacturing, and Education Projects. StaticSmart® SDT+ Conductive Adhesive is a solvent-free, conductive, acrylic adhesive formulated to permanently install rubber tile flooring. Our rubber tile flooring is FAA Compliant, Motorola R56 Compliant, and ATIS Compliant. Our Northland Series Rubber Tile is offered in four different colors for your resilient flooring needs– Kodiak, Nome, Juneau, and Fairbanks.


StaticSmart® Rubber Tile is ideal for:

  • Labs
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Education Projects
ESD Rubber Tile Flooring
FloorScore® Certified
FloorScore® Certified
Motorola R56 Compliant

FAA STD-019f Compliant

ATIS-0600321 Compliant
Lifetime Static Protection

Product Colors


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