On the Forefront of ESD Flooring Protection

For over forty years, we’ve lead the science behind electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring protection, its full range of applications, and how it impacts our clients and industry standards. We are proud members of:


ESD Flooring for Every Industry

StaticSmart® static dissipative flooring is in use throughout North America and across the globe in a broad range of applications requiring protection from the damage caused by uncontrolled static electricity.

Government Agency Flooring

ESD vinyl and carpet solutions for  military and government agencies including; the US government, SCIF, and US Navy Cryptologic facilities.

ESD flooring for electronics manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Flooring

ESD flooring for electronics manufacturing factories with sensitive electronics in design, prototyping, and assembly areas.

Public Safety Flooring

ESD flooring for Public Safety facilities such as antistatic 911 floor protection, and flooring for PSAP centers.

Commercial Flooring

Anti-static carpet and vinyl flooring for offices, conference centers, data centers and general business use.

Broadcast Studio Flooring

ESD protection for tv studios, radio station flooring, flooring for recording studios, flooring for electronics in editing, broadcast, projection, and video rooms.


Static Dissipative tile and carpet solutions for mission critical utilities such as electric, nuclear, water, and telecom.


Electrostatic discharge solutions for classrooms, computer labs,  technology labs, offices, and schools libraries.

Healthcare Flooring

Conductive tile solutions in healthcare flooring with static control in hospital flooring, operating room flooring, MRI room flooring, and X-Ray rooms.

Access Floors

Carpet and vinyl solutions designed to reduce static generation and retention.