ESD Floor Care Products

Wondering how to clean ESD flooring?  StaticSmart’s ESD floor care product line called RhinoGuard is a perfect choice for ESD Floor Maintenance and maintaining static control. If your ESD flooring doesn’t have any built-in static control properties, enhance it with our RhinoGuard ESD Floor Finish. It’s engineered to meet the rigors of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.  Order your ESD floor care products or visit our frequently asked questions page about ESD Floor Care and Maintenance here.

ESD Floor Care Products

Anti Static Floor Cleaning Solutions

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ESD Floor Finish Stripper

Our RhinoGuard ESD Floor Finish SDtripper is for all water-based sealers and finishes. Rapidly dissolves multiple layers of UHS and urethane fortified floor finishes. In most cases, years of buildup can be quickly and easily be removed by light agitation with a scrubbing machine and standard stripping pad.

ESD Floor Cleaner

Unlike regular cleaner and detergent compounds that destroy ESD properties, RhinoGuard ESD Floor Cleaner removes dirt and soil while maintaining static properties, is environmentally safe, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and biodegradable. Recommended for use with StaticSmart’s Summit Series. RhinoGuard ESD Floor Cleaner is designed for use with RhinoGuard ESD floor finish.

ESD Floor Finish

RhinoGuard ESD Floor Finish is specifically formulated to dissipate static electricity and enhance the shine and performance of resilient flooring in areas requiring protection against the damage caused by uncontrolled static electricity. RhinoGuard is ideal for Electronics Manufacturing/Assembly/Test/R&D/ Engineering, Healthcare, and more.

ESD Spray Buff

This innovative spray buff is formulated as a companion product for RhinoGuard ESD Floor Finish to extend the life of the static dissipating qualities as well as maintain the gloss and enhance the appearance of the floor between recoating with floor finish. RhinoGuard ESD Spray Buff is suitable for use on StaticSmart Summit Series tile flooring.