ESD Floor Care Products

Our complete line of RhinoGuard floor care products are the perfect choice for maintaining static control properties on your StaticSmart® resilient flooring. If your flooring doesn’t have any built-in static control properties enhance it with our RhinoGuard ESD Floor Finish. It’s engineered to meet the rigors of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014.

RhinoGuard complete ESD floor care system

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Rapidly dissolves multiple layers of UHS and urethane fortified floor finishes.

ESD Floor Cleaner

Removes dirt and soil while maintaining static properties.

ESD Floor Finish

Formulated to dissipate static electricity and enhance the shine and performance of resilient flooring.

Spray Buff

Extends the life of the static dissipating qualities while enhancing the appearance of the floor between recoating with floor finish.