Static Dissipative Flooring

Level 2 StaticSmart®, LAN 4.2 Series

Static Dissipative Flooring

StaticSmart®, LAN 4.2 Series

StaticSmart’s LAN 4.2 Series Static Dissipative Carpet Tile has vibrant colors with bold stripes to boost energy and spark creativity. The LAN 4.2 Series is offered in six different colors like Austen, Christie, Orwell, Rowling, Kipling, and Milton. LAN 4.2 offers superior static control flooring protection for advanced electronics manufacturers. For special orders, please call 978-276-0820 for minimum order requirements.


The LAN 4.2 Series is ideal ESD Flooring for:
  • Advanced Electronic Manufacturers
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Media Centers
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Computer Server/Data Centers
Static Dissipative Carpet Tile LAN 4.2 Series
Green Label Plus® Certified
Green Label Plus® Certified
Cradle to Cradle Certified ESD Flooring
Cradle to Cradle Certified®
Lifetime Static Protection
Lifetime Limited Commercial Warranty

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