OfficeSmart® Carpet Tile

<2.0 kV (Anti-Static) Flooring For General Office Use

Basic Static Control Flooring Protection

Low Electrostatic Charge Generating Flooring: <2.0 kV

Green Label Plus CertifiedCradle to Cradle Certified


ESD Carpet Tile OfficeSmart Collaborators Series

Layered geometric squares
with a pop of color.

Daily Planner

Cascading ribbon pattern that
subtly shifts across the floor.


ESD Carpet Tile OfficeSmart Workspace Series

A blending of hard form and
imperceptible shape.

ESD Carpet Tile

ESD Flooring For Static Sensitive Environments


Premium Static Control Flooring

FAA Compliant | Motorola R56 Compliant | ATIS-0600321 Compliant | ANSI/ESD S20.20 Compliant

kV Rating <0.4 kV | Static Dissipative | Permanent Protection


Elegant and durable with boundless installation options.

Discovery ECO

Level 3 StaticSmart® Plus, Discovery ECO Series

A tweed textural solid that has become the anchor of the StaticSmart ESD Static Dissipative Carpet Tile line.


Sleek shapes, tantalizing texture, and a striated palette of neutrals for style that’s current yet classic.


Presidential Series

A textured linear pattern in a classic color palette.

LAN 4.2

LAN 4.2

Vibrant colors & bold stripes to boost energy & spark creativity.