ESD Carpet Tile

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedStaticSmart® esd carpet tile is available in 3 LEVELS of static protection, in dozens of attractive styles, and plenty of colors. It is engineered to meet the vigorous demands of technology rich work environments, whether your requirement is low kV anti static flooring in accordance with AATCC 134-2011, something more robust that meets or exceed ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56, FAA-STD-019f, ESDA S20.20, or something in between. All StaticSmart® carpet tile is Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality, 100 percent recyclable, and cradle-to-cradle certified at the Silver Level.

Level 1 — General Office Use


  • Eliminates nuisance static
  • kV Rating: <2.0 kV | Not Grounded | Conductive, 15% Coverage


A subtle geometric texture that is
rich and natural.

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Layered geometric squares
with a pop of color

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A celebration of classic, popular design.

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Daily Planner

Cascading ribbon pattern that subtly shifts across the floor.

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A blending of hard form and
imperceptible shape.

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Level 2 — Technology Rich Environments


  • Static dissipative
  • kV Rating <1.0 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 33% Coverage

LAN 4.0

A tweed textural solid.

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LAN 4.1 Colonial

Elegant style meets maximum performance.

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LAN 4.2

Vibrant colors and bold stripes to boost energy and spark creativity.

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Level 3 — Mission Critical Environments

StaticSmart® Plus

  • Meets or exceed ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56, ESDA S20.20
  • kV Rating <0.4 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 100% Coverage


Elegant and durable with boundless installation options.

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Discovery ECO

A tweed textural solid that has become the anchor of the StaticSmart® Plus line.

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Sleek shapes, tantalizing texture, and a striated palette of neutrals for style that’s current yet classic.

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A textured linear pattern in a
classic color palette.

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