Anti Static Flooring Protection

StaticSmart offers three levels of anti-static flooring protection. Find out which one is right for your project with our revolutionary and easy-to-understand three levels of Static Control Flooring© system. With its creation, we have taken the mystery out of selecting the right static control flooring.  The information below will help build knowledge or we are happy to help you select the right static control flooring for your application as industry standards, requirements and jargon can be overwhelming. Feel free to contact StaticSmart’s ESD Flooring experts or check out our FAQ about ESD Flooring.

Level 1 – OfficeSmart® Series

OfficeSmart® carpet tile is designed for high traffic/high use networked environments to minimize nuisance static and to provide additional anti-static flooring protection against static damage.

  • Waiting rooms/conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Lobbies
  • kV Rating: <2.0 kV | Not Grounded | Conductive, 15% Coverage

OfficeSmart® Styles: Collaborators, Daily Planner, Workspace

Level 2 – StaticSmart® Series

StaticSmart® ESD carpet tile is designed for use in technology-rich environments where interruptions in computer or electronic equipment performance cannot be tolerated.

  • Broadcast and Media
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Computer server/data centers
  • kV Rating <1.0 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 33% Coverage

StaticSmart® Styles: LAN 4.0, LAN 4.1, LAN 4.2

Level 3 – StaticSmart® Plus Series

StaticSmart® Plus ESD carpet tile is designed for electronics manufacturing environments and anywhere where 24/7 operational readiness, public safety, and security are at stake.

  • Public Safety/ E-9-1-1/Emergency Operations
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Electronics Manufacturing/R&D
  • kV Rating <0.4 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 100% Coverage

StaticSmart® Plus Styles: Colonial, Discovery ECO, Landmark, Presidential

How StaticSmart® ESD Carpet Tile Works

With its patented FibreLink construction, StaticSmart® ESD carpet tile safely and effectively dissipates static at a controlled rate. The FibreLink conductive monofilament fiber is twisted into every tuft, creating 100 or more conductive contact points per square inch.

ESD Carpet Tile