Carpet Flooring Levels of Protection


OfficeSmart® carpet tile is designed for high traffic/high use networked environments to minimize nuisance static and to provide additional protection against static damage.

  • Waiting rooms/conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Lobbies
  • kV Rating: <2.0 kV | Not Grounded | Conductive, 15% Coverage


StaticSmart® carpet tile is designed for use in technology rich environments where interruptions in computer or electronic equipment performance cannot be tolerated.

  • Broadcast and Media
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Computer server/data centers
  • kV Rating <1.0 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 33% Coverage

StaticSmart® Plus

StaticSmart® Plus carpet tile is designed for electronics manufacturing environments and anywhere where 24/7 operational readiness, public safety, and security are at stake.

  • Public Safety/ E-9-1-1/Emergency Operations
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Electronics Manufacturing/R&D
  • kV Rating <0.4 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 100% Coverage

How StaticSmart® Carpet Flooring Works

With its patented FibreLink construction, StaticSmart® Carpet tile safely and effectively dissipates static at a controlled rate. The FibreLink conductive monofilament fiber is twisted into every tuft, creating 100 or more conductive contact points per square inch.