Conductive Vinyl Tile

StaticSmart® conductive vinyl tile is an ideal choice for permanent static protection, durability, performance, and outstanding value. It is carefully tested in a multiple-step manufacturing process to ensure electrical performance, size and color consistency as part of our ISO 9000 quality program. Unlike other ESD vinyl manufacturers, we do not rely on “precision milling” to correct manufacturing defects in size and dimensional stability.

It is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality, the standard for hard surface flooring. Our lifetime warranty for static control, 2,500 PSI static load limit, and the NO WAX REQUIRED built-in finish are just a few of the attributes that make StaticSmart® vinyl the best choice for electronics manufacturing, data centers, hospitals, and anywhere else requiring hard surface ESD static control flooring.

StaticSmart® Resilient comes in three protection levels (Levels 1 – 3). StaticSmart™ Level 3 Summit Series vinyl tile meets or exceeds industry guidelines and standards for static control, including ESD STM 97.2, ANSI/ESD 20.20, FAA-STD-019e, Motorola R56, ATIS-0600321.2010, and more.

Level 1 — General Office Use to Control Nuisance Static

Nature Series

  • Eliminates nuisance static
  • kV Rating: <2.0 kV | Not Grounded

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Level 3 — Highest ESD Protection for Mission Critical Environments

Summit Series

  • Meets or exceed ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56, ESDA S20.20
  • kV Rating <0.4 kV | Grounded | Conductive, 100% Coverage

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