ESD Vinyl Tile

StaticSmart® ESD vinyl tile flooring is the best choice for premium hard surface flooring available today.  Our vinyl tile flooring line offers beautiful, long lasting static protection. It fits everywhere from the boardroom to the shop floor. First, all of our products carry a lifetime warranty for static control. In addition, our vinyl tile flooring provides outstanding quality and value. We maintain the highest quality by rigorously testing our products before offer them to you. By doing so, we can guarantee uniform performance, size and color. And unlike other manufacturers, we don’t rely on back-end “milling” to fix defects.

In addition to offering the highest level of static control performance, our products are environmentally friendly and are certified for indoor air quality. Finally, they have a generous static load limit and include a built-in finish that doesn’t require waxing.  For all these reasons, StaticSmart ESD vinyl tile is an ideal flooring choice for your facility.

StaticSmart® ESD vinyl tile comes in two styles offering differing levels of static protection, our Level 1 Nature Series and Level 3 Summit Series.

Nature Series ESD Flooring (Level 1)

  • Provides Level 1 protection to control nuisance static
  • Is intended for general office use
  • Has a kV Rating: <2.0 kV.
  • Is installed without adhesive
  • Does not require grounding.
Nature Series ESD vinyl tile flooring

Nature Series offers the ultimate in visual flexibility — Learn More

Summit Series ESD Flooring (Level 3)

  • Provides the highest level of static control protection available
  • Meets or exceeds the most stringent static control standards in all industries and applications
  • Has a kV Rating of <0.4 kV
  • Requires adhesive for installation
  • Requires grounding

Summit Series offers a superior look and finish for mission critical environments — Learn More