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5 Public Safety Building Design Ideas To Consider

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Police Station Design

Public Safety Construction

Before bids are submitted and construction has started, check out our list of the top 5 public safety construction design ideas to consider when for your police station design.

1. Being approachable to the public is at the forefront of a facility’s renovation. Having an approachable, community-friendly interior and exterior so the public feels safe to come in to file a complaint or engage with officers and the department is essential.

One public safety construction design we love is the Bronx Station New York Police Department.

Take a look at the futuristic police station design exterior here:

Bronx Station New York Police Department


2. With the rise of online buying and selling transactions with the public from sites like CraigsList and Facebook Marketplace, public safety facilities like the Braintree Police Department have an internet safety exchange location that was incorporated in their police station design.

Public Safety Building Internet Purchase Exchange Location

3. Police officers strive to connect with kids and youth early on to establish a sense of security and trust in the community and build a positive relationship. Some police stations will offer a recreation room, public basketball court, community room or community cafe to have “coffee with a cop” for this reason that is separately accessible to the public.

4. Evidence, files, armory,  hazardous materials, detainee property, having proper storage for public safety facilities with a high emphasis on security is also a big trend on the rise like this Law Enforcement Facility Design article mentions here.

5. Last but certainly not least, is flooring. Yes, it may sound silly. But did you know not having static control flooring can drop an incoming emergency phone call?  Using StaticSmart’s patent-protected ESD flooring that includes a lifetime warranty, you eliminate any failure in operations that could occur from static electricity.

If you are an architect working on a proposal, request an esd flooring sample from us or click here if you are a contractor looking for a flooring quote.

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