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5 Types Of Projects That Architects Should Specify ESD Flooring

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5 Types Of Projects That Architects Should Specify ESD Flooring

Every project has different specifications and needs, however, there are 5 types of projects architects should specify ESD flooring for their clients when choosing materials.

Did you know that not specifying the right flooring for a public safety facility project, or a police station or dispatch center can have an impact on operations? For example, a Dispatcher walking across the call center can produce enough static electricity to drop an incoming emergency phone call.

How do you eliminate that from happening?

Specify the right flooring in one of the projects listed below using StaticSmart’s ESD Flooring.

Broadcast and Media Renovations

ESD protection for electronics in editing, broadcast, projection, and video rooms.




Electronics Manufacturing

Electrostatic discharge protection for sensitive electronics in manufacturing, design, prototyping and assembly areas.



Commercial Business

Anti-static carpet and vinyl flooring for offices, conference centers, data centers, and general business use.



Electrostatic discharge solutions for classrooms, computer labs, technology labs, offices, and school libraries.




Conductive tile solutions that eliminate static generation in hospitals, operating rooms, MRI rooms, and X-Ray rooms.


As ArchDaily mentions here, when architects are in the initial design phase it’s crucial to know about the right building materials for the client before construction is started. If you are an architect working on a proposal, request a sample from us here or contact us with questions.