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ESD (electrostatic discharge) flooring is a grounded, static dissipative or conductive floor covering having an electrical resistance between 2.5 x 104 to 1.0 x 109 Ohms. It is used to prevent and remove static electric charges where sophisticated electronics systems are operated, manufactured, assembled or repaired. Static control flooring requirements vary greatly between industries and applications, therefore StaticSmart has engineered three levels of anti-static protection. By offering anti static flooring with different levels of static control protection we help businesses, government agencies, architects, engineers, designers, and contractors select the right ESD carpet or tile flooring for their needs.

  • Public Safety & Utilities
  • Military & Government
  • Entertainment
  • Education & School
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Mission Critical
  • Access Floor Applications
  • Healthcare

Multiple Levels of Anti-Static Flooring Protection

Our static control flooring products, including ESD carpet tile as well as conductive tile, are designed to give you three levels of protection based on the needs of your industry and particular application. As a result, from nuisance static in offices to mission critical applications such as 911 call centers you get the right protection.

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Mission Critical Applications

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